Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I took it at the camera obscura down at Ocean Beach.

Accented Bridal Headband         
Accented Bridal Headband
Sweetheart table at Ringling     
Sweetheart table at Ringling
Leaves for the Head Table        
Leaves for the Head Table
head table was perfect.          
head table was perfect.
Wedding decoration .... wood     
Wedding decoration .... wood
Rhinestone Wedding Headband on   
Rhinestone Wedding Headband on
wedding headband tiara bridal.   
wedding headband tiara bridal.
LACE Bridal Headband With        
LACE Bridal Headband With
Bridal Rhinestone Headband       
Bridal Rhinestone Headband
Bridal Rhinestone Headband, Weddi
g Headband, Silk Ribbon, Single 
Bridal Rhinestone Headband, Wedding Headband, Silk Ribbon, Single Strand,
How cute is this headband?       
How cute is this headband?
swan lake bridal headband        
swan lake bridal headband
Beautiful wire headband, silver w
re, with multicolor beads       
Beautiful wire headband, silver wire, with multicolor beads
White Bridal Headpiece Hat       
White Bridal Headpiece Hat
1940s style Bridal headpiece     
1940s style Bridal headpiece
Arms : wedding houston           
Arms : wedding houston
Wedding     Houston Wedding      
Wedding     Houston Wedding
Arms : wedding houston           
Arms : wedding houston
or at the camera obscura, or at t
e beach, my ring looks just righ
or at the camera obscura, or at the beach, my ring looks just right.
I took it at the camera obscura d
wn at Ocean Beach.              
I took it at the camera obscura down at Ocean Beach.

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